Meaningful Mornings Ladies Workshop Tuesday, October 12, 2021



Meaningful Mornings Ladies Workshop for Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Calling all ladies...Please join us Tuesday mornings at 10am for Meaningful Mornings Discussions with Natalika over coffee and tea!

Connect to Your Heart's Desires for a More Fulfilled and Meaningful Life: 

* Connect to your heart?s desires in a way that ignites your genius and potential.

* Know which desire to prioritize when. 

* Discover an emotion that can help you reveal your ?lost? desires.

* Learn what is 'in season' for you right now.

In our prevailing culture, we use concrete, tangible, external goals and results as the measures of success, value, and worth.

Along with our desires for external measures of success like visibility, and money, we also yearn for intangible things like joy, deep connection, intimacy, authentic expression, feeling radiant and good in our body.

In our achievement-oriented culture, we often neglect the deepest desires of our hearts and undervalue the intangible goals, not realizing that they are the very things that create the most meaning and fulfillment in our lives.

Over time, we can become so skillful in disconnecting from our heart?s desires that we no longer know what we truly want or where to focus.

The re-connection to the deepest desires will lead you back to your aliveness, create more meaning and fulfillment, ignite your genius, and expand your impact and success. 

Please join us in The 19th Hole, every Tuesday! We hope to see you there, Kids Place will be open.

Natalika T. Lankenvich, M.A., M.S.

Transformational Leader, Coach, Facilitator

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