Meaningful Mornings with Natalika: Women's Meeting Tuesday, August 17, 2021



Meaningful Mornings with Natalika: Women's Meeting for Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Meaningful Mornings: A Boundaries Breakthrough for Women


Every Tuesday in August | 9-10am


Join Natalika T. Lankenvich, M.A., M.S. a Transformational Leader, Coach, & Facilitator in The 19th Hole Tuesday mornings in August. Enjoy coffee or tea while discussing 'How to set boundaries without damaging relationships in ways that set you and others up to thrive'.  


Topics of Conversation will Include:

? Why women need boundaries and unique challenges they face.

? Secrets to setting effective boundaries.

? Types of boundaries (soft, rigid, spongy, flexible).

? Boundaries with food, body, and self-care.

? Boundaries with time.

? Boundaries at work and home.

? Ability and courage to say and honor your 'no' to yourself and others.

$15 per session: Includes coffee, tea and fruit infused water during the meetings. Sign up now on your ForeTees App!

Adults only, Kids Place will be open for this event!

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