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Thursday, November 30, 2023

8:30 am
6:00 pm
7:15 pm
RPCC Pickleball League 11 30 23

Music! Drinks! Snacks! Join us every Thursday for fun pickleball matchplay! This 5-week league will be COED. Matches will be entered to https://...

8:00 am
FB Kettlebell Strength 10

Fitness Premier Small Group Training

Kettlebell Flow will focus on improving basic strength exercises that will hlep with daily movement patterns, while also getting your cardiovascular system ready for the day!...

8:30 am
Thursday AthleticBarre Cortney 9 9 6

Athletic barre integrates balance, core stability, functional strength + beat based dynamic cardio. This Class will leave you feeling centered, energized and sweaty. Sneakers required....

8:30 am
Thursday Cycling Sofia 9 9 6

Follow the tempo as we will pedal to the beat of the music to help set rhythm and gear.  From here riders can do power intervals, strength work, or endurance stretches.  will use wattage, heart rate...

9:30 am
Thursday Yoga Angelina 9 9 6

This class will flow through a series of gentle movements connecting your breath to your body, improving relaxation, flexibility and recovery.  To finish the class winds down with a guided meditation and...

11:00 am
FP Fit for Life 5 3 17 18 10

Fitness Premier Small Group Training Session | M - W - F

Fit for Life:  this small group will be a circuit-style session using different free-weights and machine implements.  The movements will be based...

6:00 pm
FP Boxing 9 19 18 10

FP Small Group Training | T - Th at 6:00pm

Boxing - this small group will lead you through different combinations of punches and foot work.  It will take your cardio to the next level, sharpen the mind, body and reflexes...

7:30 pm
Thursday Dance Fitness Allyson 6

Dance Fitness: 

Where fitness meets fun in a vibrant and inclusive community! Our dance fitness class is designed to make everyone feel welcome, regardless...